Excellent Termite Control & Solutions

You have probably learned that termites can be by far the most costly pests to find. Termites can be experts at remaining concealed and soundlessly shredding your property apart. Termites are going to feed on cellulose-based material which just happens to be in numerous architectural structures.

Regrettably, there are additional concerns in relation to termites and not simply for your structure. Termites may also damage foundations, books, furnishings, and much more. All of these termites are only one cm up to a few mm in length but this doesn’t affect the sizable harm they will quickly induce.

Important Steps to Defend & Prevent Fort Lauderdale Termites

The best way to lower the threat of termites from penetrating your property or home is by means of powerful deterrence and defense actions which include ensuring a moisture-free environment and getting rid any food sources that may draw in termites. These pointers will allow you to further enhance the protection from termites all around your house:

– Leaking taps, water lines and AC units will need to be remedied.

– Keeping all your gutters clean regularly may defend against tempting unwelcome termites.

– Be certain that water is redirected away from your base during rain.

– Eliminate any unnecessary compost or coverings you may have placed near the house’s outer walls.

– Ensure the roof is correctly performing and no standing water is present.

– Investigate vents every so often to confirm they’re free of obstructions.

– Protect against termites from trying to get inside by reviewing and fixing any entry points within the water lines and utility lines.

– Secure screens on all external vents that don’t have one.

– Always keep necessary wood debris (fire wood, etc.) a good length away from your home.

– Termite devastation is often evident on fencing and porches around the property so have a look at these routinely for any indicators.

– Don’t keep raw lumber, papers or fire wood near the foundation or crawl space.

Indicators of Fort Lauderdale Termites

There are certain warnings to watch for that could signify an existing termite problem. Indications of a termite problem usually will include a swarm of winged insects (termites) briefly in the home, termite frass (droppings), hollowed out wood or wood that sounds somewhat hollow whenever you tap on it, mud tunnels and tubes on the outside walls of your building, or even the wings left behind by swarmers; typically uncovered near doors and windows.

Maybe you aren’t confident that you have active termites are already on your property or if you simply want to ask about defending your building from termites, give Price Termite & Pest a phone call at (754) 205-3374. We can easily schedule a termite evaluation or even a treatment assuming you have already validated active termites.